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Parents angered after daughters’ Tennessee track careers come to abrupt end

During his daughter official visit to Penn State in October of 2013, George Harvey sat beside coach Beth Alford Sullivan during a dinner for track prospects.

The head of the Penn State track and field program had offered Morgan Harvey, one of the top hurdlers in the 2014 15 class, an 80 percent scholarship. She would have accepted, had she not received a full ride from Tennessee. Clark.

knew Morgan, Harvey said. had recruited her at Penn State. Why not have her at Tennessee? question haunts him now.

would like to go on record and let people who are being recruited by Coach Sullivan know the type of person she is, he said.

Morgan Harvey was among the six women Alford Sullivan cut from the UT track team last month.

The dismissals
cheap michael kors occurred two weeks into practices, less than two months after the coach publicly praised the freshmen she inherited from Clark.

Parents heard the news the same way. Crying daughters called and told them they were no longer on the team.

These parents are now questioning Alford Sullivan decision, her timing and her integrity.

problem is the callousness of how she did this, George Harvey said. girls gave up other scholarships to come to Tennessee, and basically they being screwed by this coach. announced Alford Sullivan hire on June 24. On Aug. 6, she told the News Sentinel that the program 16 member signing class would arrive intact.

athletes tend to be fairly loyal kids, she said then. think they were happy with the hire. on Sept. 24, parents said, Alford Sullivan released the six athletes. Margaret Draper, Brooke Coltelli and sophomore Laura Morse were walk ons. Morgan Harvey, Ariel Terrell and Shelbi White were scholarship sprinters and hurdlers from the signing class.

Harvey, a New Jersey native, picked UT in part to help her parents pay for her twin sister tuition at another school. Her lead recruiter, women sprint coach Sharon Couch Fikes, was not retained by Sullivan.

Terrell, from Atlanta, won the 400 meter hurdles at the 2013
Michael Kors handbags USATF National Junior Olympics. She opted for a 75 percent scholarship from UT over offers from Clemson and Mississippi State. She also was recruited by Couch Fikes.

Sprinter Shelbi White of Alabama won 4 A titles in the 100, 200 and 400 events. Recruited exclusively by Clark, she chose a full scholarship to UT over full ride offers from LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Texas among others.

Steven White, father of Shelbi White, recalls a conversation he had with his daughter before she was dismissed. She told him the coaches had reassigned her to practice with the veteran athletes because she was excelling. This made the Sept. 24 phone call he received even more confusing.

Other parents have similar stories. They say their daughters had done everything that was asked of them and had not encountered academic or disciplinary issues. The business like dismissals, they say, came without warning.

On a Wednesday afternoon, Alford Sullivan summoned the women to her office with a text message.
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet Her entire staff was present. A box of Kleenex was within reach.

Parents say the coach bluntly informed the women she would not have recruited them, and told them
michael kors handbags outlet they would not be a part of the team vision moving forward.

Steven White said he asked for an explanation when he drove to Knoxville to meet with Alford Sullivan in her office on Sept. 26.

never could give me that vision, he said. statement was she didn fit into the direction her and her staff are going in. She never told me what that direction was. She never told me the reason why she cut my daughter. They were stripped of athletic privileges, including weight training, treatment and nutrition. They are allowed to use Tom Black Track, but only if team practices are not in session. Starting blocks, hurdles and other equipment are not available.

basically just told them, you are a nobody, and I going to treat you like a nobody, Steven White said. how I feel the University of Tennessee treated my daughter. Terrell and White are searching for new schools, still unsure why they moved to Knoxville only to be asked to leave.

Their parents want a thorough explanation.

one has ever heard of this in the history of track, said Aliya Terrell, Ariel mother. school I heard from, even after contacting the SEC or the NCAA, no one has heard of a coach let go of girls on scholarship without them even hitting the track. opinion is echoed by Tony Carpenter, coach of the
replica Michael Kors outlet Titans Track Club in Atlanta, where Ariel Terrell trained. He said he has spoken to seven SEC track coaches. All concluded UT broke no rules. All considered the dismissals unprecedented.

On Oct. 4, Carpenter sent an email to UT athletic director Dave Hart, Alford Sullivan, additional UT officials and the News Sentinel to voice his complaints.

scholarships are renewable annually, he said in a phone interview. norm, when a new coach comes in, that new coach may share his or her vision with the team. There may be some scholarships at jeopardy to be renewed the following year. But, typically, athletes are
Michael kors handbags outlet given a year to prove themselves That was not the case here. also decried what he believed to be a lack of tact.

manner of which the message was delivered didn take into consideration that these were human beings, he said. is a certain emotional component to this. It was all business. White said assistant SEC commissioner of compliance Will Lawler, a former director of compliance at UT, also told him UT broke no rules, but added such dismissals are rare. Lawler declined to comment when reached by the News Sentinel.

Through UT spokesman Jimmy Stanton, Alford Sullivan and Hart declined multiple interview requests for this story. Stanton said UT placed no transfer restrictions on the women and will honor the athletes scholarships through the end of the 2015 spring semester.

For the parents, it a hollow gesture. Their daughters moved to Knoxville to run.

They say their conversations with Alford Sullivan and senior associate athletics director Donna Thomas left them dissatisfied. They
Michael Kors handbags outlet say their attempts to reach Hart and UT chancellor Jimmy Cheek were unsuccessful.Articles Connexes:
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ND lawmakers signal distrust to higher

frackers face extinction amid drilling droughtNorth Dakota workers comp claims rise less than expectedHeadlinesLEGION BASEBALL: Thursday resultsTwo million cheer NHL champion Chicago Blackhawks at parade, rallyPREP FOOTBALL: Local players get set for Badlands BowlLEGION BASEBALL: Wednesday resultsaccentPRAIRIE FARE: Watermelon is tasty, healthy

obituariesHeadlinesVirgil J. HegleDr. Michael W. EmmerichCurtis W. HermanTherese "Terry" ProchaskaMary B. water rule

This week, a North Dakota news item should have made State Board of Higher Education members sit bolt upright in similar alarm. For among those who spoke most forcefully in favor of chiseling into law legislators’ distrust of the board was Rep. Mark Sanford, R Grand Forks.

And when Sanford tells university system leaders that they’re getting things wrong, those leaders should listen.

Sanford is a former Grand Forks School District superintendent. More important, he retired as the longest serving superintendent in the district’s history, having served in the top post from 1981 to 2007.

His tenure was a period of both labor peace and parent and taxpayer goodwill, a tough balancing act under any circumstances. Sanford also led the district’s successful recovery after Grand Forks’ 1997 flood, supervising the renovation of several schools and the replacement of several more.

replica ray ban sunglasses recognition of his service, the district’s administration building is called the Mark Sanford Education Center today.

The issue in this case is a clause in House Bill 1003, the university system’s budget bill.

"Frustrations with missteps by the North Dakota University System played out in the House on Wednesday as lawmakers voted to eliminate the system’s internal auditor and attorney positions and move those
cheap ray bans functions to other state agencies," Forum News Service reported.

"Members voted 60 32 to hire six auditors in the state auditor’s office and six attorneys in the attorney general’s office to oversee the university system and provide legal services to the state board and its 11 institutions.
discount ray bans . Rep. Mark Sanford, R Grand Forks, cited the high level of turnover of auditors in the system office and violations of open records and meetings laws as examples of why the change is necessary. .

"’There’s a need here for high quality, consistent advice. That’s the goal here,’ Sanford said."

To repeat, when Sanford a Minot State grad, UND grad,
cheap ray ban outlet longtime superintendent in and now state representative of UND’s hometown talks on the House floor about a breach of trust, higher ed board members should pay attention.

They also shouldn’t be surprised that in another telling move, HB 1003 also cut funding below Gov. Jack Dalrymple’s request.Articles Connexes:


SDF 2014/2015

Thank you for 2014!

SDF had a hectic year with many different projects. 

Here are some of them. 

The year began with the opening of the movie ”Kärlek Deluxe”, in which SDF played a leading role in and wrote a song for.  

In March and on during the whole spring, she played the legendary role of ”Sally Bowles” in Uppsala Stadsteaters critically acclaimed production of the musical ”CABARET”.

The Documentary ”Sarah söker Sally Bowles” was made for K-special on SVT and aired in April. 

In July she played ”Svetlana” in ”CHESS IN CONCERT” at Dalhalla

A few days after that SDF embarked on her first ever ACOUSTIC SUMMER TOUR, to sold out summer venues across Sweden. 

In August she was a guest on ”Tack för musiken” which aired in December on SVT and the banquet host of POLAR MUSIC PRIZE. 

She also recorded her ”VINTERLAND” album, that came out in the start of November 2015, and went out in the road again,  on a critically acclaimed WINTER TOUR in November/December in Sweden. 


During the spring of 2015 SDF will travel abroad to write music for herself and other artists, as well as do a few tv-projects and acting projects.

In April 2015 – ”CHESS IN CONCERT” will go on a arena tour of Sweden. Tickets out now!





Here you can see a trailer from the ”VINTERLAND” tour. 


VINTERLAND – ny skiva ute nu! New album out now!

”VINTERLAND” UTE NU!!! https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/vinterland/id934086454

Den finns att få tag på fysiskt i butiker, så på som Åhléns, Statoil, Bengans etc och på iTunes och andra nättjänster samt butiker på nätet!

(T&M: Laleh Pourkarim & Gustaf Thörn)
(T&M: Sarah Dawn Finer & Mauro Scocco)
(T&M: Randy Newman, Sv Text: Wille Craaford)

4. HÅLL MITT HJÄRTA – duett med Samuel Ljungbladh
(T: Björn Skifs M: Peter Hallström)


(T&M: Tori Amos – Sv Text: Tomas Andersson Wij)

(T&M: Mauro Scocco)
(T&M: Bo Sundström & Sarah Dawn Finer)
(T: Håkan Hellström M: Björn Olsson)
(T&M: Ted Ström)
10. JUL, JUL, STRÅLANDE JUL - duett med Stephen Simmonds
(T&M: Bo Sundström & Sarah Dawn Finer)12. Extra BONUS SPÅR:
Musiker på skivan:
Jesper Nordenström, Per Lindvall, Thobias Gabrielsson, Ola Gustafsson (och på turnén också Marika Willstedt). 
På skivan även, stråk, blås & kör. 
Turnéstart 28 November. Biljetter på Blixten.se

#vinterland #sarahdawnfiner #skiva #turné 



”VINTERLAND” a new Album and new Tour (in Swedish)


13 December på RIVAL, Stockholm


VINTERLAND (Foto Magnus Ragnvid) 

Sarah Dawn Finer på turné med nya albumet. (In English further down) 

I vinter är Sarah Dawn Finer dubbelt aktuell. 

Först släpper hon sitt nya album ”Vinterland” den 7 november, sedan åker hon ut på en omfattande Sverigeturné till 13 städer den 28 november. 

Precis som med den hyllade tidigare föregångaren ”Winterland” har låtar på nya skivan ett sk ”vintertema”, men den här gången är albumet helt på svenska och innehåller både nyskrivna låtar och tolkningar av Sarah Dawn Finers svenska favoritvinterlåtar.

Titlar på nya skivan: 
1. Vinterland (T&M: Laleh Pourkarim & Gustaf Thörnblom)

2. Kanske Nästa År (T&M: Sarah Dawn Finer & Mauro Scocco)

3. Jag Tror Det Blir Snö I Natt 
(T&M: Randy Newman, Sv Text: Wille Craaford)

4. Håll Mitt Hjärta (duett med Samuel Ljungbladh)
(T: Björn Skifs M: Peter Hallström)

5. Vinter (T&M: Tori Amos – Sv Text: Tomas Andersson Wij)

6. Ännu En Jul (T&M: Mauro Scocco)

7. Från November Till April (T&M: Bo Sundström & Sarah Dawn Finer)

8. Valborg (T: Håkan Hellström M: Björn Olsson)

9. Vintersaga (T&M: Ted Ström)

10. Jul, Jul Strålande Jul (duett med Stephen Simmonds)

11. Nyårslöfte (T&M: Bo Sundström & Sarah Dawn Finer)

Sancta Lucia – Strålande Helgonfé (duett med Malena Ernman)

”Vinterland”-turnén har premiär 28 november och besöker 13 städer runt om i landet. Biljetter ute nu på Ticnet.se, eller länkar på blixten.se

Turnéplan för “Vinterland”

28 nov – Karlstad, Scalateatern

29 nov – Halmstad, Halmstads teater

30 nov – Malmö, Malmö Konserthus

5 dec – Uppsala, Uppsala Konsert & kongress

6 dec – Bollnäs, Kulturhuset

7 dec – Norrköping, Louis de Geer-hallen

10 dec – Växjö, Växjö Konserthus

11 dec – Göteborg,  Stora Teatern

12 dec – Stockholm,  Rival

EXTRA: 13 December Stockholm, Rival

16 dec – Vara,  Vara Konserthus

17 dec – Luleå,  Kulturens hus

18 dec – Umeå,  Idunteatern

19 dec – Östersund,  OSD

På “Vinterland”-turnén tar Sarah med sig musikerna Jesper Nordenström, Per Lindvall, Ola Gustafsson, Marika Willstedt och Thobias Gabrielsson och spelar låtar från både ”Winterland” och ”Vinterland”.

– Det blir en turné för alla som vill komma in och känna musikalisk värme under kalla vintermånader, och höra vackra, ibland vemodiga och andra gånger upplyftande sånger, berättar Sarah Dawn Finer.

Pressmeddelande från Blixten & Co & Roxy Recordings 2014-09-03

VINTERLAND – Sarah releases a Swedish winter album and goes on tour. 
”Vinterland” a new Swedish record with a winter and sometimes melancholy theme is released in Sweden on November 7th, and Sarah will be doing a Swedish concert tour with it, (and the English ”Winterland” album), from November 27th in 13 different cities,. 

On the album, there are new original songs, and Sarah has co-written and or collaborated with Swedish artists and songwriters like Laleh (who wrote a song for another artist for the first time ever, called ”Vinterland”), Mauro Scocco (who also wrote a big part of the ”Sanningen kommer om natten” album) and Bo Sundström (Bo Kaspers Orkester) for the new and original songs. 
She also recorded new versions of Swedish songs like ”Vintersaga”, ”Valborg” and ”Jul, Jul”, and a translated version of Tori Amos ”Winter”, with swedish lyrics by Tomas Andersson Wij. 
- I wanted to get to write and record new and original songs, but also collaborate with a few people I have longed to work with, and make new versions of a few classic swedish songs, old, and new, says Sarah Dawn Finer
Tourdates and cites: 

28 nov – Karlstad, Scalateatern

29 nov – Halmstad, Halmstads teater

30 nov – Malmö, Malmö Konserthus

5 dec – Uppsala, Uppsala Konsert & kongress

6 dec – Bollnäs, Kulturhuset

7 dec – Norrköping, Louis de Geer-hallen

10 dec – Växjö, Växjö Konserthus

11 dec – Göteborg,  Stora Teatern

12 dec – Stockholm,  Rival

16 dec – Vara,  Vara Konserthus

17 dec – Luleå,  Kulturens hus

18 dec – Umeå,  Idunteatern

19 dec – Östersund,  OSD

- This will be a tour for anyone who wants to escape the cold and dark winter months for a while, and get to share musical warmth with a great band playing fantastic songs that are both beautiful, sometimes melancholy, and other times, very hopeful, explains Sarah Dawn Finer.

On the VINTERLAND TOUR, Sarah will be joined by a 5 piece band on stage. Musicians Jesper Nordenström, Per Lindvall, Ola Gustafsson, Marika Willstedt and Thobias Gabrielsson. They will perform both songs form WINTERLAND album and the new VINTERLAND album. 

Tickets on ticnet.se, or blixten.se

//Blixten & Co and Roxy Recordings 



turne 2014

SDF LIVE IN SWEDEN SUMMER 2014Summer Tour and other gigs 2014 in Sweden.


I sommar åker Sarah Dawn Finer på en liten turné med personliga spelningar på intima scener.

6 juli – Uppsala, Parksnäckan


9 juli – Brantevik, Branteviks Idrottsplats


10 juli – Lund, Maryhill


11 juli – Falkenberg, Stålboms Konditori


13 juli – Henån, (Orust) Slussens Pensionat


14 juli – Henån, (Orust) Slussens Pensionat


25 juli – Stjärnsund (Dalarna), Smedjan


26 juli – Stockholm, Fjäderholmsscenen


27 juli — Freluga, Bollnäs


2 aug – Yttersti, (Kalix) Musik under augustimånen


Andra gig:
31 juli – c/o Bungenäs, Gotland
Biljetter: http://www.tickster.com/sv/events/la91egw43t0vcx5

4 + 5 juli – Chess in concert @ Dalhalla


12 juli – Taubespelen, Grebbestad
10 aug – Taubespelen, Hesselby Slott


Eventuella datum/städer kan tillkomma.

Sarah kommer att bjuda på en avskalad akustisk sättning tillsammans med en trio och spela sina största hits och blanda både nytt och gammalt material på engelska och svenska.
Trion av musiker består av Jonas Gröning, Göran Eriksson och Pablo Cepeda.

– Det här är första gången jag gör en egen sommarturné där jag kommer riktigt nära publiken och dessutom får spela utomhus. Jag ser fram emot att berätta historierna om mina låtar och att framföra dem på ett nytt och avskalat sätt, säger Sarah Dawn Finer

Mer info om spelställen och biljettlänkar till dom ställen som har släppt biljetter finns på http://www.blixten.se/musik/sarah-dawn-finer
Blixten & Co



Sarah as ”Sally Bowles” in CABARET @ Uppsala Stadsteater in Sweden 2014

Sarah will play the legendary role of ”Sally Bowles” in the musical Cabaret at Uppsala Stadsteater for 3 months in the spring of 2014.

Some tickets are released already! Buy them here:  Biljetter här: http://www.uppsalastadsteater.se/forestallningar-2011-2012/cabaret/#tickets

Välkommen till Kit Kat Klub. Till drama, sång och musik. Till Cabaret!

Välkommen till drömmarnas och möjligheternas stad; till 30-talets Berlin där konsten och den politiska diskussionen aldrig varit mer levande. Men tiderna förändras. I skuggan av den framväxande fascismen letar människor efter kärlek och identitet. Till denna smältdegel kommer den unge amerikanen Cliff på jakt efter sig själv. Många är de karaktärer som påverkar hans tillvaro, särskilt nattklubbssångerskan Sally Bowles.

Cabaret är baserad på Christopher Isherwoods klassiska roman Farväl till Berlin. Isherwood var bosatt i Berlin 1929-1933, strax innan Adolf Hitler kom till makten. Hans tid där och de personer han mötte inspirerade honom till boken och dess karaktärer. Romanen ligger också till grund för filmen Cabaret med Liza Minelli i rollen som Sally Bowles, en roll som gav henne en Oscar för bästa kvinnliga huvudroll.

Av Fred Ebb & John Kander med manus av Joe Masteroff efter Christopher Isherwoods bok »Farväl till Berlin«

Regi: Ronny Danielsson
Koreografi: Roger Lybeck

Cliff Bradshaw – Francisco Sobrado, Sally Bowles – Sarah Dawn Finer, Konferencier – Oscar Pierrou Lindén, Fräulein Schneider – Babben Larsson
Herr Schultz – Gustav Levin, Ernst Ludwig – Eli Ingvarsson, Fräulein Kost – Linda Kulle, Kit Kat Boys – Camilo Ge Bresky, Stefan Clarin, Karim Carlsson
Kit Kat Girls – Kitty Chan, Paula Santa Eufemia, Kristina Lindgren




Gröna Lund





Sarah sang ”THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL” in Eurovsion Song Contest Finale for 125 million viewers!

Sarah had the great honor of being asked to make a rendition of the ABBA song ”THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL”, live on the Eurovision Song Contest Finale in front of 125 million viewers.


The TV-live version of ”THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL” from the ESC finale last night:

Download the longer single version NOW on iTunes Worldwide!!


Sarah has released 3 English albums ”A Finer Dawn”, ”Moving On” and ”Winterland” and one Swedish album ”Sanningen Kommer Om Natten”. Hear them on iTunes or Spotify

//Team SDF Roxy Recordings



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